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Say goodbye to manager & employee hassle.

Meetings are enthusiastic, but the results are low. You are spending heaps on the team, but there’s no growth.

We get you.

TimeTrackPk is just what you need to bridge the gap between your investments & profits. Our software ensures precise and accurate tracking of employee engagement & performance so you can expect measurable progress.


TimeTrackPk is a cloud-based employee management software offering five game-changing modules.

Attendance Records

In admin control, you can track your employee attendance based on time, date, department & shifts. You can acquire reports for collective team attendance for each category or individual reports for each employee.

Employee Database

Employee profiles in our employee database empower fair & confident decisions. Now, you can access complete employee history, monitor progress, compare performances & find specific details within a few clicks.

HR Policies

As per your company’s policies, you can set up shift times with grace periods, permitted leaves, and official holidays. The system will automatically mark official offs and generate employee leave reports.

Payroll System

You can generate payrolls for individuals or in groups and access a complete breakdown of outgoing money concerning each employee. It includes due payments, income tax, EOBI & gross salary, leaves deductions & provisional funds.

Employee Self-Service Portal

The employee self-service portal helps keep employee engagement computerized. Each employee can access their attendance data, apply for a leave, and self-manage themselves. It promotes accountability.

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